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Thursday, March 3, 2011

#517 - #518


Another Pokemon to get high recommendations from me, it’s quite obvious that this one was made for support. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t strong, though, because, despite its veritable bulk, it still packs a special punch.

When you nab one, you’ll notice that it already has Yawn at its disposal along with offensive moves like Psywave and, soon, Psybeam. It’s already off to a useful start, so I say learn to make good use of Yawn because that’s where it’ll come in handy most. While it can still do some damage, Sleep is very useful, especially in longer battles where this Pokemon will shine.

It’s quite slow, but its bulk means that it can seriously sponge up hits. What I dislike though is that in the numerous trainer battles you enter, it will almost always go last, ensuring that it will take a bit of a beating in the process. While that isn’t too bad for in-game, it can take its toll on some of the longer routes if you aren’t prepared with potions. This can be mitigated with Trick Room, but that isn’t too viable for in-game teams.

It specializes in Sleep moves, so those (Yawn, Hypnosis) used in conjunction with moves like Nightmare (29) and Dream Eater are what make it unique. My recommendation is to at least wait until it learns Nightmare before evolving it with a Moon Stone, which really isn’t too bad since it learns it not even halfway through the game.

Because it’s so well-known that it specializes in sleep moves, chances are your opponents will be able to predict that. As a result, try to use the versatility of being Psychic-type to your advantage with moves like Thunder Wave, Reflect, or Light Screen if you want to use it competitively.

While it isn’t the best Pokemon, it’s definitely one of the good choices to make early on, especially if you’re adversed to using the rest. Be assured, though, that you’re making a good decision in picking this Pokemon for the long run, especially for all the longer battles you’ll be likely to run into.

Rating: 2u 2c 2s 1o 1r = 8pt total.

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