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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#607 - #609


This Pokemon’s a personal favorite, so I’ll try not to be too biased here. I actually took it with me through the Elite Four, and it was one of my most useful Pokemon, and I honestly do not regret any of the time I spent investing in it.

However, it did come at the price of quite a bit of babying. Let’s hope you catch it at a level where it has Hex, that way you’re able to train your Litwick against other Litwicks and Elgyems in the area. You’ll also live off of Flame Burst, at least until you can teach it Flamethrower. You will find that, despite its stats, it won’t really start to shine until it evolves, whereupon you should evolve it again immediately since it doesn’t learn anything crazy (except Curse (45) if you want it).

Once it’s fully evolved (Dusk Stone required), it is up there as one of the strongest Pokemon released in BW. What I like is that it does its job well no matter what you do with its movepool. It has very nice bulk, an absurd special attack stat, and a speed that really isn’t bad at all. What’s nice about it is that you can take the set you used in-game and apply it right to competitive play. It can make a good use of Energy Ball for coverage, which is required if you want it to be a sweeper. If you think it needs a boost in speed, it has access to Nitro Charge, so it could potentially pull it off and start a sweep as well. In-game, however, it really doesn’t need it; it tears right through its opponents with relative ease once it’s fully evolved. My personal favorite ability for it is Flash Fire, but I know Flame Body can only help its teammates out, so either are good

This Pokemon is versatile enough to let you do what you want it to, but in order to achieve that, it requires a bit of babying to get there. I guarantee that you will be satisfied with it, especially if you choose to use it competitively.

Rating: 2u 1c 2s 2o 2r = 9pt total.

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