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Saturday, February 12, 2011

#551 - #553


Definitely one of my favorites, though honestly just about every Pokemon in the desert is going to end up being a fantastic asset to your team.

When you get it, you’ll find that it only knows weak moves. It is quite strong and still a quality member of your team, but it learns powerful moves later on. You’ll need to teach it Dig to make it more powerful (which you conveniently have by now), unless you would rather rely on Sand Tomb. You will have to rely on Assurance for a good dark move until it learns Crunch a bit before it evolves. 

His coverage is actually quite useful, taking out things such as ghosts, psychics, fires, steels, rocks, and electrics with just its STAB moves. It also has a handy immunity to Thunder Wave amongst other electric moves, which you will find will be very handy very soon ;)

It can still make a kill quite easily. It was a very reliable physical sweeper, especially with Moxie, which increases its attack power on every kill (and it got a lot of them), making the next kill even easier to get. While it’s fantastic in-game, I’d say that it really doesn’t stand out quite yet competitively, in spite of its originality.

It’s simply outclassed by things that are either faster than it or things that are stronger than it, and STAB Earthquakes can’t make up for it. It can still perform well, but just know that there are better options out there competitively.

For what it’s worth, I used this in-game to great success, almost stealing MVP away from my Snivy. It won’t let you down

Rating: 2u 2c 2s 1o 1r = 8pt total.

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